Warn Wear

The trade in program is for keeping these hoodies on more Adventures.

Why extend the life of your hoodie? Because the best thing we can do for the planet is get more use out of stuff we already own.
♻️ Join us as we try something new and recycle your hoodie. 
Here is how it works! 
You sell us back your used hoodie (does not apply to DOG hoodies) for $20 credit to Rudy Adventures. 
ie: you buy a Rudy Adventures hoodie and you love it but you have outgrown it or your looking to upgrade to a new hoodie. (if your hoodie is in re-useable used condition, see details below) then you contact me, send in your hoodie we will in return give you a $20 credit toward a new hoodie. 
Rudy Adventure will then add your used hoodie to our trade in program to be sold and onto its new owner with many more adventures ahead! 

 What condition does my hoodie need to be in to be accepted for trade-in?

Similar rules to Worn Wear  We want your used gear—not your dirty laundry. Please inspect your garments for damage (checklist below), remove anything in pockets, and clean your pieces before trading them in. This makes it easier for us to get your hoodie to its new home as quickly as possible!

We are unable to accept items in the following conditions:

• Damaged: Items with heavy or excessive visible issues are ineligible. Examples include but are not limited to:

• Holes, delimitation, stains of any kind, heavy scuffs, and scratches/snags.

• Fleece items that are pilling. (when knitted fabric forms small balls or fluff on the surface of the garment)

• If an item shows heavy discoloration, or the color of the garment is severely sun faded it may not be eligible.

•Excessive pet hair: We love furry companions but please remove their hair/fur prior to trading in your hoodie. 

•Customized: For now, items altered for a custom fit or have corporate logos can’t be accepted.

• Note: Items must have both the size and care tag with product details attached to be accepted. (this is located on the side seam)

 Our hoodies are made with topnotch quality! Trading in offers the next owner a more affordable opportunity to squeeze every last drop of quality and adventure out of their hoodie! 
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