Hi guys, so glad you have hopped over to read a bit about me. I was gifted my first sewing machine just after my third child was born in 2011. I found myself spending each evening watching tutorials and practicing my new found hobby, always eager to learn more. It quickly became my creative outlet, passion, and seeds of starting a business. Fast forward six years and Rudy Adventures was born!

The name Rudy Adventures comes from my people - its a blend of our last name and our everyday adventures as a family unit "life is an adventure"

I strive to create designs that are durable and comfortable for all seasons. Inspired by the quality of Polartec fabric, the material is warm, durable, breathable, odor/stain-resistant, and offers UV protection. Match your favorite color with your pattern, and you've got clothing that represents the individual and the great outdoors! So get outside and say YES to new adventures