Social Media

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Social Media
How does this relate to the way we think about our phones and social media?

- Limited or Unlimited
- Creators or Consumers
- Active or Passive
- Worshipers or Idolaters

I found these comparisons insightful and also a gauge when talking about this topic with kids. Where do we get our rules and boundaries from?

Partnership with our Children
Establishing that you both agree to these values: Books are better than screens. The outside is bigger than the inside. Friends overfeeds. Create before we consume. Have a conversation, and come up with a few of these together.
- Teaching our kids to be respectful; like no phones at the table.
- Talk about Healthy Habits and Rhythms as a family and personally.

Rudy Game Plan
This is all subject to change because we are learning and not experts by any means. 6th grader and 7th grader (12,13) will have their own dumb phones _____ these phones are amazing! During this time they are learning the art of responsibility, communication, and being good stewards of the phone etc.

Freshmen year we are giving our oldest (14) an iPhone and a contract. We will agree to terms but basically, we want our child to have independence and there will be scaffolding along the way, starting out with 1 app at a time.

Random Tips
These are some random tips that we observed in chatting with parents who have gone before us.
- Repeating the concept that NOTHING is SECRET, this is all a shared experience.
- There will be an agreed-upon contract to have clear communication and expectation. This will also communicate how serious it is.
- Kids feel like they have power on texting etc, they are typing things they would never say to someone in person.
- introverts: online church, the world of tech is not encouraging eye contact and socializing = depression. This can go back to your values. “Outside is bigger than inside.”
- No devices behind closed doors, out in shared spaces (family room)
- Check in- this is so important to be checking on your kid's device, check their screen time, what apps are they using etc. Set a calendar reminder to do this every few weeks etc.
- Pray that you can catch their sneakiness and sin.

Our goal is for the kids to use these phones and flourish as adults in their academics, socially, and spiritually. Our goal as parents is to not be babysitting these devices with screen time etc. We want our kids to show maturity, self-control, and discernment on their own. Through it all that bonding and character will come from the hard conversations in this journey of life.
* Patrick and I are on this journey of parenting and these are some concepts we have understood and appreciate along the way, so I hope this would be encouraging to you in your journey of parenting as well. We are not perfect, I am SURE this will all change but here is where we are today! Showing up and being intentional! 
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