Planning a Trip Tips

Planning a trip!

let’s chat about some of the things that you will need to get ready for a trip this summer, knowing where you’re going to adventure is a good start! After that decide where to rent a RV / Camper / Pull along etc.
- I highly recommend B&B RV, which is where we rented our RV from for our 42 Day Rd. trip to the East Coast
- this is a family run business with great integrity and expertise customer service

-— 10% savings when you use code RARV10


Deciding where you will be staying in parking, your RV or camper for the evening is another logistic to cover. I cannot recommend harvest toast enough. We had heard so much about it and we had a wonderful experience using it for our road trip.
- when reserve us parking spot on a property whether it’s a farm a winery, a brewery there are many different locations on the app
- When you arrive, sometimes you meet the host, and sometimes you do not most of the time where you park, your RV is remote, peaceful, charming, and quaint.
- We never had any issues with using harvest toast on our 42 Day Rd. trip we stayed at 12 different harvest toast locations and had a special memory for each one of them.
1 year fee to make your harvest host reservations. Free stays / one time fee.
Well worth it! 30% off! Use code HOLIDAYHH at checkout!

$99/year $69.30/year


🐴 A quick summary about the horses:
We are a horse retirement farm where old or injured horses live out their “post-riding” life.

• Rudy Adventures is a party of 5 lifestyle adventure brand.
I love documenting our real-life adventures as we soak up the remaining years with our 3 teens. We are also a brand specializing in the most popular outdoor hoodies for Kids Adults and Dogs. Be sure to follow along for travel tips and to purchase travel cards as they are released. We are real people and an open book so message away with any questions you have, I love hearing from you all!
- Stacie with Rudy Adventures!

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