Madisyn Charis Rudy in the hospital 9/10 - 9/20

Madisyn Charis Rudy in the hospital 9/10 - 9/20

Do you guys remember that wonderful trip for one night that my husband and I took to Boulder to the Boulderado! 

Well it all started then. My mother in law took all 3 Rudy kids out to a hoppin’ restaurant with live music! Delicious food was bought for all the kids and they all had a blast! That evening Madisyns tummy started hurting. The following day we gathered up the Rudy kids, said thank you to Grandma Rudy for the fun memories! Madisyn immediately came home and went right to bed, of course in true Rudy Adventures style we planned to hit the ground running upon our return home- birthday parties, house projects followed by Sunday a day on the lake with our neighbors. As Madisyn continued to rest all of Saturday 9/11 we chalked it up to catching up on some sleep and partying too hard with a week of school etc. 

Come Sunday 9/12 we paid closer attention checking fever and handing her meds. Monday we were at the Drs office (we had already received a - VID test at home) but wanted to check for flu etc, her tummy hurting was throwing us off. Took lots of test and concluded it was so type of virus, let it take its course. 

Monday - Tuesday were not any better, lots of pain and high fevers with close to no appetite. Tuesday 9/14 evening we were concerned about appendix although her pain was central we were also concerned of a poop block- something more internal. Patrick and I (obviously un experienced) took Madisyn into the ER at 9:00 at night left the ER at 2 AM completely exhausted with a very expansive enema and Madisyn feeling chipper and much better. 

We woke on Wednesday 9/15 back to tummy pain and high fevers (which never went away 101-105) Took her back to the Dr still concerned about blockage I had give her some miralax in the AM, by the time we were back at our Drs office the miralax had hit and she cleared out her tummy. Showing that there was nothing blocking her - check that off the list and no appendix back to virus taking its course…… 

Woke Thursday 9/16 morning to Madisyns eyes being bloodshot, red, puffy eyes and swollen bloody lips - that’s it, not taking pushback anymore and not playing Dr because we have no clue! Contacted or Drs office with demanded answers! We were asked to come down asap (its a 5 min walk from our house) we were greeted by the owner of the practice Dr Brandon. Encouraging us to head to the hospital ASAP he called ahead and has a room for us. 

Yesterday (I wrote this on 9/17) we got to Denver Childrens Hospital Anchotz 1:30pm, they took lots of blood work confirming that she has MIS-C Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children. As we sat in the ER room for nearly 5 hours we sent Patrick to In and Out to be our delivery man! It was the most I had seen Madisyn eat all week! 

Shortly after that it was 7:00pm and it was time to get checked into our large room with a beautiful view on the 8th floor. Right after arriving vitals were checked and quickly concluded that her blood pressure was emergency low! (Emergency low… she just ate a burger, she was just staring out the window and walking around the room!)

got to the room 6:42pm

 Emergency she tanked 7:06pm it all happened so fast……..

The nurses crowded around her bed and talked firmly with each other, poked and prodded with worried looks on their faces. Patrick and I sat snuggled on the couch and watched as we felt our hearts sink away feeling so helpless.  Then Lauren arrived in her hazmat suit and mask and took leadership! She directed all these frantic girls into order and swooped Madisyn to the ICU where they were organized and had a plan. By 7:30 we were in the ICU starting all types of iv’s and meds. It was all a rush but at no point did I feel like anything was happening without our understanding or blessing. I was comfortable trusting that they were doing everything the could to save our little girl. The team here at the ICU is so honest and carrying! Once they decided to give her blood pressure meds (epinephrine) to help with her blood pressure because the liquids where not enough, we knew from that doctor this was a big decision with side effects but we really had no choice. 

For the next 8 hours they gave Madisyn Blood pressure medicine which was successful. Once they were able to get her stable then continued treating the MIS-C which is a iv of  2 hours of Infliximab then 24 hours of IVIG. This poor girl had 3 IVs going all up and down her arms with one that was blown out. By today Friday 9/17 evening we are out of the ICU and back up on the 8th floor with a wonderful view! 

Madisyn finished her meds and continued to heal until Monday 9/20. She was discharged and back home. We have a long road of recovery ahead for Madisyn, MISC is so new as of 2020 they dont know the outcomes, side effects and what healing or long term effects are…… lots of un-knows but she is home and doing well as of now. 🙏


This was all a very scary season for us all and I am very passionate about MISC awareness. We are very thankful to be home but if you ask me it was too close to not being in the nick of time. I am passionate about spreading the word so mamas don’t need to be in the shoes we were in. Mamas all have an amazing intuition and to add MISC to their file of mama powers is my passion. 

I am going to have more time to do research in the days ahead about awareness of MIS-C but for now here is our story to share as awareness. I know there are many children who are very ill and sick, and it breaks my heart especially after walking the halls at the hospital, truly heart breaking. I am counting our blessings and sharing this post to help other mamas and families know about MIS-C and empowering you to advocate for your children when many people and Drs dont know what MIS-C is! 


  • Your Mom just told me about Madisyn’s illness a couple of days ago. I was so sad to hear how sick she has been. I am praying for her strength and for yours also. Keep spreading the info. That is a wonderful gift to all mothers. I am sending healing thoughts to all of you. Love, Susie

    Sue Fehr
  • Thank you for sharing your story. I’m so thankful that you pushed and more thankful that the right doctors were in place. Please keep a close watch on any new things, it is important.

    Cynthia Jackson
  • Maddy is so brave and a fighter!! I want to learn more about this condition. Hugs

    Marian smith
  • God bless you for sharing this! I know that madisyn will get stronger and stronger every day. Hugs to all of you!

    Monica Borello
  • Your Mom has been keeping me updated on Madisyn’s terrible journey. I’m praying for Madisyn and all of you!! I love you!!

    Kathy Almeida

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