Goodwill Outlet #thebins

Goodwill Outlet #thebins

My teenage son was bugging me to go to “the bins” as the kids call it. 

I had been to a Goodwill Outlet years ago. 

I have been a thrifter for my adult years, a good friend showed me the ways of thrifting when I first moved to CO. It has been in my blood since then. 

Let me tell you, once you find a few good deals you will be hooked and you will start to love the hunt! 

So “the bins” as my son called it, the memories I had were different from a normal thrift store. 

A large warehouse-type room with people and carts lining the perimeter, in looking around I remember thinking it was clear that you don't mess with anyone's carts or pile of items. I also remember there being etiquette and unspoken rules about standing behind a line and waiting to hunt. 

To refresh my memory I did some research last night on etiquette before taking my 3 teens with me. I wanted to make sure I was not going at a busy time, and I wanted to see what the bin rotation was.  

I found these sites to be helpful

Today (a Friday) after school around 4:00 I took the Rudy kids to the Goodwill Outlet and I prepped them in the car on some quick rules. 

  1. I prepared them for the setting so they were not alarmed
  2. I told them it could get physical elbowing, light shoving, and picture people digging in bins. 
  3. Be kind and respectful to those around you.
  4. Follow the rules- 
  • The workers clear the floor of people every 30 minutes asking everyone to stand around the edges while the workers switch out the bins. When new bins are lined up they invite the people to come stand around the bins to take their place but NO TOUCHY until they say GO! 
  • HAVE FUN!!!! 

We were there today for about an hour. The kids loved it, it took them a little while to get warmed up but by the end they were digging through the bins on their own, excited to show each other their findings. 

They, like all of us, loved the anticipation of waiting for the rotation of new bins, to hunt and see what they would find!

We will be back!

🖤 Rudy Adventures



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