I’m so glad we waited

Thanks for following along, our spring break was a blast of nonstop fun 36 hours in the car | 8 days of fun | visiting with Vovo and Papa | Disneyland | Disney California Adventure | Vegas | Beverly Hills | and memories for a lifetime.

Like most parents, Patrick and I have wanted to take the kids to Disneyland for years, but did not want to deal with meltdowns, naps, and stroller logistics while at the most magical place ever!! At ages 14, 12 & 11 we thought, it’s time! 

I am so glad we waited, we all had a blast! The kids loved all the rides and magic of Disney. We only gave ourselves 1 day in each park. California Adventure and Disneyland Park. One day in each park was plenty of time with the Genie + Plus. I was skeptical about one day being enough time, but I received lots of advice that it would, and it was! 

California Adventure on Day 1 The weather started out a little rainy which worked out to our benefit because we were able to get on a lot of the rides with fewer people at the park. There are not that many rides in CA so there was definitely plenty of time to go on all the rides a handful of times. 

* Tips- Get on as many rides as you can in the AM. Toward the later part of the day they close down rides even if your on the Ginie + wait it will close. I would say by 12:00 we had gone on all the big rides once. For the cars ride we did not get on it in the AM and paid to ride it. (some rides don’t just take Genie + you have to pay $ on top of the Genie + fee) For evening shows I would say go to the Water Color Night Show  in person, we missed it and I am bummed. 

Disneyland Day 2 We mainly did Disneyland the second day because it was the only night they were doing Fantasmic. (be sure to check the night show calendar when picking parks) This day was action-packed nonstop! When plotting out your day prioritize the rides you want to ride, you tend to prioritize the rides that do not take Genie +, we learned this on day 1. You will find yourself going from one ride to the next and booking your Ginie + as you can. You do wait a little bit in line with Genie + but it gives you time to game-plan your next move so it is nice. Disneyland still felt magical, and brought back so many wonderful childhood memories as we made new memories with the Rudy kids! 

* Tips- Even with early access, they only open a certain section of the park. Ask lots of questions about what part of the park they will have open so you can plan your attack on which rides you want to go on. Don’t miss the night shows, and get there early to save seats. My parents saved seats for us and I am SOO glad they did we had an awesome spot. We also stayed in our spot (right infront of the Pirates of the Caribbean) to watch the firework display. 

Stay @Disneys Grand California Hotel and Spa


Get Genie +

Booking was ALL done through @costco

Bring food and snacks into the park

Doing the park with Grandparents; is no problem you can run ahead to all the rides and they can just come to meet you in line when they get there. I was worried about this with my parents but it worked out perfectly, we were able to ride every ride together! 

@youtube all the rides to decide which ones you want to go on. A good channel is @Attractions360


  • 👏what is the best way for me to tell all my friends and send them to your website

  • Fasha what a fun trip!!! We took our kiddos earlier this year, and as magical as it was I can’t wait to go with them when they’re your kids’ ages! It was so fun reading about your time! ❤️


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