Christmas 2021 - Madisyn Update

 Madisyn MIS-C    Santa hat Colorado children's hospital recovery

It has been exactly 3 months since Madisyn was sent home from the hospital (Monday 12/20)

We often find ourselves reflecting on that moment when we were in that hospital room wondering if this was really happening to us, we never imagined ourselves here; helpless as Madisyn fought for her life. We are so incredibly thankful for all the doctors and nurses who worked on Madisyn, we are also thankful for all the friends and family who walked through this with us! We are so thankful for you all, TRULY! 

Madisyn is on the rise and is going to be stronger through all this! We are so happy to report that Madisyn has been fully cleared to resume to “life” as normal; participate in recess, PE and band. On 12/14 Madisyn had a heart stress test and we were so thrilled that it went great! Although Madisyn is still recovering (full recovery is expected 11-12 months), we have seen her energy and spunky personality come back! Or prayers for Madisyn are that the muscle’s in her chest wall will be restored along with her gut lining. The medicine she was on is really rough on the stomach so we are praying that is healed.

Apparently Madisyn has a set of pipes like her auntie and grandpa, here is a short video of her solo she had in her school concert a few weeks ago

We are so incredibly thankful to all of those of you who have talked about MISC with friends and family and shared our story! We wish for all parents to be educated and never be in the spot we were. 

Thank you all so much for being there for us during this scary time, we are so thankful we didn’t go through this alone. 

Much to be thankful for in the new year ahead!! Cheers to 2022!! 

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  • Stacie, we are so glad that Madyson is recuperating so well. Most of all we are praying and believing with you that the muscles will be restored quicker that the doctors think and her stomach lining will not be damaged. We still believe our God as a healer and miracle worker.

    Pastor Cynthia Jackson

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