Big Island Kohala Kailuna - Kona sights Rudy Adventures

Mauna Lani - @maunalaniauberge
Rudy Adventures set out from Colorado 15 days ago, arrived in Big Island Hawaii stayed on the Mauna Launi property, and explored Kohala Kailuna - Kona sights. Although much of this time included lots of slow and easy days relaxing we did try to take in as much of the North East Island as much as we could. Here is a recap of our top 5 - (head over to my blog to read all 5)
1. STAY :  Mauna Lani - is a beautiful property with a sandy beach offering lots of snorkeling and nice lava walking trails. On the property are these fish ponds which I have found to be very common but they have been preserved. The ponds were the main source for Hawaiians to catch fish to eat. Now they are simply a beautiful sight and have become a natural sanctuary for fish and birds. There was also a Historic park fill with lava caves right in the middle of the property that we walked through daily to get to and from the beach. I will say in the Villas it felt like more of a retirement vibe than a kid family-friendly vibe but all in all it was a great way to relax and start off our trip! Mauna Lani - @maunalaniauberge
@hapunabeachhawaii #hapunabeach
2. BEACH : Hapuna Beach - this is where we meet “Cookie” the goat! Cookie has defiantly been a highlight - her and her mama were so sweet and how often do you meet a goat at the beach!! But this beach was awesome for kids. Nice sandy beach with no rocks or lava at the bottom. (I imagine this is what a lot of Hawaii was before the lava took over) We showed up to the beach empty-handed and eyes wide open, someone gifted us a boogie board on our way in as they didn’t need it anymore! We excitedly accepted and had a blast at this beach boogie boarding. |  Beach 49 was like snorkeling in an aquarium! We did this at least 5 times, LOVED IT!! @hapunabeachhawaii #hapunabeach #beach49 #49blacksandbeach 
@seethroughsea #seethroughsea
3. ACTIVITY : Boat Safari with @seethroughsea - I have already done a raving review of this trip you can see in the previous post but what a cool experience. Going out with the experts snorkeling and learning so much! Kanaloa Octopus Farm - this was a special trip, kind of $$ (only took one kid) but what a unique experience! How cool to be a part of something no one has figured out yet, they will! Highly recommend. @seethroughsea #seethroughsea @kanaloa_octopus_farm
4. HIKE : Pololu Valley Lookout and Trail - Our first family hike and it did not disappoint! We were challenged and in awww- Highly recommend this one, take your time while down at the beach lots to see and explore! Loved that there were cows in the valley, not a bad life! #alittlebitofhome  |  Makuala O’Oma Trail - this trail was ranked moderate and we felt it but had so much fun seeing all the different textures of the rainforest! #pololuvalley #makualaoomatrail @alltrails 
5. RELAX : Be intentional about taking in the sunsets, go for walks, and RISE EARLY. We have LOVED getting up really early in the mornings and going to bed early! We are also so thankful Zane came out for a visit- good to be around good people! #sunset #ohana #family #hawaii #bigisland #slow #relax #friends #adventure #explore #hawaiilife #travel #love #hawaiian #gopro 

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