Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Wearing the Apple Watch takes away so much stress!

Let me explain: I have always had this stress that I carried around with me, that I had to be by my phone. Have it close by to not miss phone calls or text. 

I would have people comment numerous times “you are impossible to get ahold of!” 

Yes I am busy with kids, life and I am not good about always keeping my phone with me. It is just another thing to remember and to be honest most of the time I would leave it on a different level of the house or leave it on silent from church. Needles to say I am not good about keeping my phone ON me, which led to unintentionally making people feel like I didn’t care about them. 

I would always say you know where I live, come on by life is busy and I am truly hard to get ahold of 🤪

Fast-forward from little kids to 3 middle schoolers working remotely 🤯 this watch was a life savor trying to keep up with 3 different remote schedules. 

I still love it today as it gives me a freedom to not have this pressure to BE NEAR my phone, I can go about my day to day with this freedom that I didn’t have before. 

I simply have my watch alter me for text, calls and calendar. 

This alone is why I love the watch although, it offers many more features for fitness, sleep tracker, alarms and flashlight. 

I have found these watch covers to be awesome (think screen protectors) 

They are easy to replace and apply. 

I order them on Amazon here

How to video here

I was recently having a hard time receiving calendar alerts on my watch, after being frustrated in playing with the settings I came across this video and did all the trouble shoots until the end of the video and it finally worked!! I highly recommend these videos, they are very basic and easy to follow along (I figured it out 🤣

For my watch I used this video


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