A great week in the books


April 2021 

A great week in the books

  1. I am so excited about our new labels from https://wunderlabel.com these clothing tags are soft and silky laying flat against your skin inside the hoodie. The information on the labels show which size your ordered so you can easily refer back to it and or a size up for your growing kiddos or reference to re-order yourself a new hoodie! On the flip side is our washing and care instructions. We have fund the hoodies wear better with turning the garment inside out to wash and if possible air dry. Trust me I have dried my hoodie plenty of times all is well since all the materials are eco friendly and pre shrunk. 

  1. This week was a success with getting lots of orders off in the mail. I am so thankful and appreciative of all your orders and it feels so exciting to get these hoodies off in the mail! I am so excited for you all to receive them! During VID and the new normal I don’t take for granted how thankful I am to have a work from home job allowing me to juggle kids being home and at school from day to day. I have also nearly wept at how wonderful my days are when all the kids are in school!! 

  1. Getting on the lake will always be my happy place, we had so much fun kicking off this spring weather with our first trip out on the lake. Cheers to many more ski days- but man alive am I sore this week! 

  1. Local Pick-up! A friendly reminder that we offer local pick up! I know that shipping can be $$ sometimes, if your local select local pick-up at check out. I have a bin on my front porch for convent pick up at your time! Thank you https://www.facebook.com/BonnieBraeMagazine/ for using this option! 

  1. A MARKET—— yes that is a right, you can shop in person or in a private group IN PERSON!!! I can’t tell you how much I miss this!! Come shop in person we will be following all the safety precautions you can even reserve a private shop time! This market pop-us is at a really cool venue in a friends BARN over https://scoutandcellar.com/clean-crafted enjoy all that the barn has to offer animals, pressed grape and many LOCAL makers! 

  1. Larger DOG hoodie sizes- you speak and we listen. I actually TRULY value all your feedback! Always feel free to shoot me a line on my contact page, I really value and consider all your feedback! We are working on getting or dog size hoodies up to the 100 pound mark. There is still more testing to do as every dog is so different in shape and size. This high performance fabric is perfect for adapting to all shapes and sizes as it is a 4-way stretch and durable.  

  • Have fun adventuring this weekend in your hoodies I would love to see pics don’t forget to tag #rudyadventures or @rudyadventures_co in your pictures! 

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  • I read this a bunch of times just for fun. Love and miss you guys!! Glad to see your stuff is flying off the shelves, I wear the hoodie like almost every day. Where are my Rudy Adventures board shorts?! ;)


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